• IV Hydration

    Quench Your Thirst for Wellness: Experience IV Hydration! Customized infusions deliver essential nutrients efficiently, addressing fatigue, illness recovery, and boosting energy. Relax in comfort as nutrients flow directly into your bloodstream, promoting well-being and hydration. Elevate your energy levels today with our expertly tailored IV Hydration service.
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  • Medical Weight Loss

    Experience a transformative path to a healthier, happier you. Mellow Body Aesthetics' Medical Weight Loss Program combines expertise and individualized care.
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  • B12 Injection

    Boost energy, support metabolism, and enhance vitality with
    our B12 Injection service. Combat fatigue, enhance performance, and boost your
    immune system conveniently. Experience immediate benefits and improved health
    with this powerful vitamin. Recharge and rejuvenate today with our B12
    Injection service.
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  • Butt Lift Therapy

    Indulge in our vacuum procedure that not only lifts and firms the buttocks but also adds volume with each treatment. For optimal results, we recommend 4-8 sessions, ideally 2-4 times per week. Experience the remarkable enhancement of your curves as you embark on this transformative journey with us.
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  • Lipo Dissolve Injection

    Experience the transformative power of Lipo Dissolve Injections! This cutting-edge, non-invasive treatment targets stubborn fat deposits, sculpting your body and enhancing your natural curves. Administered by our skilled Registered Nurse at Mellow Body Aesthetics, these injections offer optimal results with minimal downtime. Say goodbye to stubborn fat and embrace a beautifully contoured physique. Book your session today!
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  • Detox Sauna Bag

    Experience the revitalizing benefits of our Sauna treatment, a healthy and non-invasive therapeutic session designed to effectively remove toxins from your body. With the infrared sauna bag, you can effortlessly burn 900-1800 calories in just 45 minutes while indulging in relaxation. It's like an hour's worth of workout condensed into this blissful session. Unwind, detoxify, and revitalize with this rejuvenating treatment.
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  • Teeth Whitening

    Get a dazzling smile that exudes confidence! Try our safe, quick, and convenient teeth brightening solution for instant results. In just 45 minutes to 1 hour, experience a remarkable 5-8 shade difference lasting up to 6 months. Even with sensitive teeth, our high-tech accelerators and short processing time deliver stunning, long-lasting results. Embrace the brilliance of a smile makeover with our efficient and effective treatment.
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  • Red Light Therapy

    Discover the transformative power of our Lipo Red Light Wrap! Targeting fat cells in arms, back, waist, hips, and thighs, it's a specialized treatment that reduces fat, tackles inflammation, and manages chronic pain. Rejuvenate and sculpt yourself with this innovative wrap.
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  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

    Experience rejuvenating Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) at our clinic. Our skilled providers use gentle techniques to aid fluid movement towards lymph nodes, promoting efficient drainage. Feel revitalized as MLD enhances detoxification, promoting overall well-being. Discover transformative relaxation and revitalization with us. Your well-being awaits!
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  • Facials

    Reveal your natural radiance with Mellow Body Aesthetics' facial services. Our skilled and professional aestheticians provide treatments tailored to your skin concerns, from deep cleansing to nourishing masks. Step into a serene sanctuary, indulge in a tranquil escape, and leave with a healthy, glowing complexion. Uncover the transformative power of our facials for renewed confidence and well-being.
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  • Body Waxing

    Embrace smooth and velvety skin with Mellow Body Aesthetic's Body Waxing services. Our expert estheticians use gentle techniques for irresistibly soft, hair-free skin. Shape your eyebrows, achieve silky legs, or maintain a flawless bikini line with personalized waxing. Relax in a comfortable environment where your satisfaction is paramount. Embrace the confidence of beautifully waxed skin at Mellow Body Aesthetic.
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  • Eyelash Extension

    Experience exquisite eyelash extensions that enhance your natural beauty. Our skilled aesthetician meticulously applies individual extensions, creating fuller, longer, and voluminous lashes that complement your unique eye shape. Enjoy the allure of fluttering lashes that eliminate the need for mascara. Embrace the captivating beauty of our eyelash extensions and wake up to effortlessly glamorous eyes every day.
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  • Cavi Lipo

    Experience the power of ultrasound cavitation low-frequency sound waves at our clinic. These waves effectively break down fat cells, transforming them into liquid, which is naturally expelled from the body through normal metabolic processes like urine and pores. For optimal results, we recommend 3 to 8 sessions with treatments spaced at least 3 days apart. Witness the reduction of fat cells and embrace a more sculpted you through our cutting-edge treatments.
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  • RF Skin Tightening

    Experience the wonders of our non-surgical skin-heating procedure, reactivating collagen to achieve instant skin tightening. For optimal results, we recommend 3-8 sessions, with a maximum of 2 sessions per week. Discover the magic of revitalized skin as you undergo this transformative treatment journey.

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  • Botox

    Experience a more youthful you with our Botox treatments. Smooth away fine lines and wrinkles for a natural, refreshed look. Soften crow's feet, forehead lines, and frown lines with our convenient and effective injections. Embrace the transformative effects of this FDA-approved treatment, leaving you with a smoother, more radiant appearance. Reveal a revitalized you with our Botox service and embrace newfound confidence.
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  • Fillers

    Rediscover your natural beauty with Fillers. Our skilled practitioners use safe, FDA-approved dermal fillers to add volume, smooth lines, and restore youthful contours. Enjoy immediate results and renewed confidence with our non-surgical solution. Embrace the transformative effects and rediscover your more youthful self with our Fillers service.
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